How To Replace Headlights In Jeep Liberty

Headlights And Their Replacements
The Jeep Liberty was introduced in 2002. At that time it was assembled using halogen capsule headlights. These were inserted into the headlight assembly. The small bulbs that were inserted needed special care when they were handled. If they were touched by the skin or oily surface they suffered from compromise or damage. The older sealed beam units had to be taken out from the front of the vehicle. The halogen insert capsules of the more modern designs need to be inserted from behind the headlight assembly located inside the engine compartment.
When You Need To Replace Headlights
You need to have experience to replace headlights in a Jeep Liberty. When you are on an off road adventure and travelling through the wilderness in the dark, if by any accident the headlights get damaged, you need to get them replaced as soon as possible. Thus, you need to stock up on a replacement kit as well as latex gloves to handle the bulb. It is advisable that you have experience in replacing the headlights so that you do not get stuck in the middle of nowhere especially in the dark. Many people have faced such emergencies and hey have wished that they knew how to replace the headlights in poor visibility conditions.
Steps To Replace The Headlights
The following steps need to be followed in order to replace the headlights:

  • Make sure that the headlight switch is at the “off” position inside the Liberty before you commence to replace the headlight
  • The hood has to be opened in order to access the headlight bulbs
  • The air intake tube needs to be removed in order to replace the headlight bulb on the passenger side. The air intake tube can be unsnapped by the hand. When one removes it one will get better access to the headlight bulb. The process to replace the headlight on the driver’s side is different.
  • Disconnect the wire harness that goes into the headlight socket. If you have large hands, you might find it quite a challenge to access the wire harness.
  • The blue collar needs to be turned counterclockwise where one-third of a turn will disconnect it from the headlight assembly.
  • The collar has to be removed from the headlight bulb and discarded

Installation Of The Bulb Unit

  • The latex gloves need to be out on the hands
  • The blister package needs to be opened and the bulb to be inserted into the blue collar base
  • The collar and the bulb assembly need to be put in the headlight assembly.
  • The tabs on the collar and the bulb need to be aligned to the notches in the headlight assembly
  • The bulb assembly and the collar needs to be turned clockwise one third in order to lock it in place
  • As a last step, the wire harness needs to be plugged back in place and into the back of the headlight. Then the lights need to be turned on to see whether they are working properly.

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