How To Replace Headlights In Jeep Grand Cherokee

Nowadays answers to every problem are found on the internet. Whether you have philosophical questions that you are pondering over or wish to know how to replace the headlights in your Jeep, you can get all kinds of handy information and tips online. However, like with all other information sources, you need to authenticate the information you read about. Also, you need to mention the version or the model number of your vehicle to ensure that you are looking up the reference material for the right car model. As per the information received, you can opt to keep the handy kits ready for any kind of emergency.
Why Headlights Get Damaged
Headlight bulbs get damaged when you are driving through rough terrain or through the wilderness. When you are driving off the road and through dense growth or forests, chances are that a sharp twig or a branch of a tree can fall in front of your vehicle and damage the lights. When you are on a vacation or a long way away from your destination, you need to ensure that the headlights work in case it becomes dark by the time you reach. Many Jeep Grand Cherokee owners wonder how to take apart the headlights.
Common Facts For Replacing Headlights
In answer to such queries, one needs to know the following facts:

  • In case of replacing the headlight in a jeep Grand Cherokee, you need to take the whole head lamp assembly apart
  • Even if you need to replace a single headlight bulb you will need to remove the headlamp assembly

The next question that arises is, how to replace the headlight assembly. What kits are required to keep in handy for such replacements need to be known as well. The online guides will also provide valuable advice if you seek it online.
Steps To Follow
When it comes to removing the headlight assembly, one needs to follow the steps:

  • The jack screw that attaches the top of the headlamp to the mounting module needs to be removed
  • The upper inboard as well as the lower outboard corners of the head lamp needs to be grasped and then pulled outward
  • The bulb sockets need to be removed from the headlamp module
  • The head lamp then needs to be separated from the vehicle

Finishing Installation
Once the headlight assembly is removed, it is time to make the installation of the new unit:

  • One needs to ensure that the bulb glass is not touched with fingers or with oily surfaces to prevent marking or to prevent the bulb life getting reduced
  • All the bulb sockets need to be installed in the module of the headlamp
  • The head lamp needs to be positioned on the vehicle and the ball stud need to be aligned with the sockets
  • The headlamp should then be pushed inward and the ball studs secured in place
  • The jack screw should be attached to the top of the lamp to the mounting module

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