How To Replace Headlights In Jeep Wrangler

The Experience Of A Jeep Wrangler
Many people who purchase a Jeep Wrangler have certain ideas in their mind. They want to have a fun vehicle that they can ride every day. Even if the Jeep is a less comfortable ride than a sedan car, it is fun to ride along rugged roads. You can take it to the beach or have off road adventures on the weekend. You can drive with the wind in your hair on a Jeep Wrangler. However, when you take your vehicle off the road there are high chances of more damage to the vehicle. For instance, a branch may fall off a tree and damage the headlights. Or you might have a close encounter with a rocky road and land too close to a sharp edge. With all such adventures, the net result would be a broken headlight.
Things You Need
When you are out there in the wild and are stuck with a broken headlight, you will need to fix it if you wish to continue driving in the night. You would need to have in your possession:

  • Ahead screwdriver of the Philips brand
  • A replacement kit of headlights for the right car and model

You need to remember that, any headlight kit would not suffice. Again, Jeep Wranglers are many. Ensure that you pick up the replacement kit of the headlight of the right car version or model number. You can easily get hold of such kits from the accessories shop.
Steps To Follow
When you are out there in the wilderness and you know you have to drive in the dark to reach your destinations, it is imperative to not only have the replacement kit and screwdriver with you but also to know how to replace the headlight. Steps for replacing the headlight are as follows:

  • The screws need to be removed from the chrome headlight bezel
  • That is to be done using the Phillips screwdriver
  • When the bezel is unscrewed the light may fall out so one needs to be prepared to catch hold of it

Fitting In The Replacement Kit
Once the headlight is unscrewed one needs to do the following:

  • The headlight should be pulled out in one hand
  • With the other hand one needs to unplug the back of the bulb from the harness to which it is attached
  • The headlight assembly comes in the form of a sealed unit
  • These can be fitted in as one piece without having to add in the bulb separately

As these replacement kits are fairly inexpensive one will surely be able to buy one and add it to their emergency provisions when travelling on their Jeep. Indeed one needs to add in such kits and other handy tools when travelling long distance into the wilderness. When you are not sure that you will come across hardware stores or towns on the way and you are about to embark on a long journey, you need to stock up on such kits.

Jeep is the leader in factory replacement headlights, but if you are looking for quality aftermarket lights for your Wrangler then we recommend Jeep Wrangler Parts for led and off road lights.


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